Sometimes, the most rewarding experiences come out of difficult circumstances. This is exactly how Artfil Designs went from being a dream, to a reality.

Considered to be either too old or too experienced, I found myself unable to find work after relocating from Johannesburg. Having qualified as textile designer many years ago, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to explore this hugely exciting and creative industry, as well as to pursue various other artistic areas in which I had dabbled over the years.

Harnessing my passion for design, I decided to revisit something in particular that I had always loved: ceramics. And with that, Artfil Designs was born.

It began with me decorating a range of ceramic tableware pieces using a mixture of bright colours, lines and unusual shapes, all of which come together to tell different stories. My inspiration undoubtedly comes from the incredibly beautiful Mother City and all the interesting places that call it home. The things I see when I’m simply walking the streets are full of vibrancy and energy, and this is what I try and draw on through my work. It’s the sights and sounds of the city, together with the pictures in my own imagination that seem to blend together so perfectly, ultimately finding themselves expressed through my pieces.

I aim to convey a sense of happiness, originality and upliftment through my work – elements I hope people will want to bring into their own homes and special spaces.

I hope you enjoy the site. Contact me with any questions.